Natural, Organic and Sustainability PR and Marketing Experts

Compass Natural has distinguished itself as a leader in delivering effective public relations, marketing and business development services in the natural, organic and sustainable “Green Business” product sectors.

With over 30 years of experience we lead, manage and execute in natural and organic products marketing, brand development, event production, digital communications, social media, PR, and industry relations. Plus, we assist in all areas of business development in all channels of distribution, and we are recognized for our ability to link the commercial sector with leading NGOs and other organizations. We are nimble and strategic and help brands succeed in this unique marketplace. 

In addition, our proprietary email contact list helps you directly reach decision makers. Through our own subscriber list, our clients are seen by more than 50,000 retailers, distributors, brokers, manufacturers, and others in the healthy lifestyles market.



  • Brand Development
  • Logos and Taglines
  • Package Design
  • Content Strategy
  • Social Media Integration
  • Brand Tone and Voice
  • Tradeshow Planning

PR & Communications

  • Email Marketing
  • E-Newsletters
  • Press Releases  
  • Media Relations
  • Website Development
  • Video Production  
  • Media Planning

Business Development

  • Launch Strategies
  • Business Consulting 
  • Sales Collateral
  • Industry Relations
  • Market Research
  • Event Production
  • Policy & Public Affairs