Plant Based Food Sales Outpacing Overall Food Sales by 10X

For Presence Marketing Newsletter, September 2018
August 28, 2018
By Steven Hoffman

Plant-based food sales are growing like a weed. According to a new Nielsen study commissioned by the Plant Based Foods Association (PBFA), sales of plant-based foods grew a whopping 20% in the 52 weeks ending June 16, 2018. “The growth is significant, especially compared to the sales of all foods, which grew just 2%, so plant-based foods dollar sales are outpacing dollar sales of all retail foods by 10X,” says PBFA. Sales of plant-based milks grew 9% vs. -6% growth in cow’s milk; and sales of plant-based meat products grew 24% compared to 2% growth in animal meats. Other standout categories included plant-based creamers, which grew 131% over the same period last year; plant-based yogurts (55% growth) and plant-based cheeses (43% growth). Learn more here.