What to Know About Facebook Advertising

What to Know About Facebook Advertising
Author - Alexandra Gardner

Facebook recently changed its organic search reach and now provides an extra roadblock to businesses looking to expand their social marketing. Currently, for every post made through Facebook, the total reach is only 2-3% of your total followers. This means to expand your reach and your marketing efforts, you need to pay Facebook.

A Few Things to Consider When Posting

Whether you are a large-scale company with a huge advertising and marketing budget or a bootstrapping entrepreneur with only a couple of extra dollars to spend, how you spend your money and when can make a huge impact on your market reach. It is not always necessary to pay for every post but it is important to create engaging and relevant content to your follower base.

1.     Keep it Original - When paying for posting, promote your own content and content that is helpful to your audience. It does not benefit you to pay for someone else’s work to be shared.

2.     Have a Goal in Mind - Utilize the paid posting features to increase your email list or to steer visitors to your website. Have a desired outcome and intent to maximize the effect of your posting with a clear call to action.

3.     Time it While it’s Relevant - Time your paid posting for when it can be the most beneficial to you and your company such as: company events, promotional giveaways, sales or press releases.

Now for the Paid Part

Do you know the difference between boosted posts and promoted posts? Most don’t and they are the key to understanding how to increase your social media marketing with paid advertising.

Boosted Posts – Are easy, accessible and managed right from your Facebook page without having to go into Ads Manager. It does not provide as much customization as promoted posts but does allow you to control budget, audience and duration of boosted posting.

Promoted Posts – Very similar to boosted posts but are accessed and customized through Facebook Ads Manager. The promoted posts option not only allows you the customization of boosted posts but also allows for bidding and budgeting options. This form of paid posting is more complicated and requires more work but offers a wider range of control over who sees your ad and how you pay for it.

How Do You Know it’s Working?

From Facebook, go to your page’s Business Manager. The Business Manager is where you manage your paid advertising and can view tracking and metrics. A successful paid or boosted post will have an increase in page likes, post reach and engagements. Looking at the percentage increase over time and from post to post is a great indicator of the success of your social media tactics and how well your audience is receiving your message.


Paid posting is important, whether you want to keep it simple with boosted posts or have more control over customization with promoted posts, both are needed to access a wider market and as a result increase your social media marketing efforts. Even if you only have a small budget to work with on a monthly basis, paid advertising can be the difference between reaching a 1,000 people on a post to 10,000 when done correctly.

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