Green Jobs: Resources for Jobs & Careers in Sustainable Products

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A lot of folks ask us about resources for finding jobs and career opportunities in the $300 billion LOHAS market, i.e., the "Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability" market for natural, organic, eco-friendly, and socially and environmentally responsible products and services. There are a lot of great companies and NGOs in the LOHAS market, from organic food to renewable energy and from yoga to green building. In fact, with significant growth in demand for natural, organic and sustainable products, according to the Organic Trade Association, the organic food industry is creating jobs at a much higher rate than the conventional food industry.

Here are some good resources below for finding jobs in the natural and organic foods and sustainable products industry, and for social and environmental mission based organizations.

Of course, if you identify companies you'd like to work for, check their websites. Often, the larger companies, such as Whole Foods Market, UNFI, Pacific Natural Foods, Earthbound Farm, and other brand leaders will have job postings on their own websites. Do some research of your favorite brands.

We welcome your comments and suggestions to add to the list.

Hope this helps get you started. Happy green job hunting!

Green Job Resources

Green Dream Jobs. You can search by level and region. Awesome resource presented by our friends at

Luke's Circle is a great resource for sales, marketing, management and executive level jobs in the Denver/Boulder region, created by our friend and colleague Luke Vernon.

GreenBiz has a great sustainable jobs board.

TreeHugger has green job listings.

Sustainable Industries posts green jobs across the country.

Just Means job listings have a social mission and NGO focus.

Natural and Organic Industry Careers and Resources. A good compendium of industry resources and job opportunities.

Food Force posts career opportunities with natural, organic, specialty and conventional food companies and brand leaders.

The Green Jobs Network "empowers people seeking careers in sustainability and environmental responsibility to find jobs, career resources, and build their professional network."

Naturally Boulder is another resource for job listings in the Boulder/Denver region.

World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms. Wanting a Peace Corps-like volunteer experience, but on an organic farm somewhere around the world where you can learn about organic agriculture? Feeling young and adventurous? Check out WWOOF.

Green Career Guide job thread.

California Certified Organic Farmers, an excellent organization for organic producers, posts job listings.

ReWork:  Founded in 2011 by alumni of the Unreasonable Institute in Boulder, ReWork helps people find careers in values-based, socially responsible and sustainable businesses.

Project NOSH: Project NOSH covers the world of entrepreneurial food companies and services that are expanding rapidly due to interest in Natural, Organic, Sustainable, and Healthy (NOSH) products and businesses. Project NOSH helps food and beverage companies to find the right employees, and develop business success. is a free global vegan job and resume hub operated by vegans for vegans and plant-based/vegan-oriented businesses and organizations. 

Food+Tech Jobs: Search for tech, business, design, sales, marketing, operations and PR jobs at leading food companies.

Food Industry Executive launched its job board in April 2018, and while it is still building steam, it should prove to be a good resource for senior level career opportunities in the food business.