Video: Women Leading Green - Top Sustainability Entrepreneurs

At the Epicenter, a popular Boulder, CO-based speaker series featuring business and thought leaders in natural and organic products and sustainability, featured on February 12, 2013, three women leaders in green business, including Hunter Lovins of Natural Capitalism Solutions, Kim Coupounas, Co-founder of Go-Lite, and Brook Eddy, CEO of Bhakti Chai. Moderated by Seleyn DeYarus, CEO of At the Epicenter is produced by Compass Natural Marketing

View video highlights from this informative and entertaining discussion. Plus, speaker bios are below. 

Hunter Lovins, Founder, Natural Capitalism Solutions Trained as a sociologist and lawyer, Hunter Lovins is a world-renowned author, President and founder of Natural Capitalism Solutions, a professor of sustainable business management, and a sought-after expert in sustainable solutions for businesses, corporations and governments worldwide. Based in Boulder, Hunter was named Time Magazine 2000 Hero of the Planet and in 2009 Newsweek named her a "Green Business Icon."

Kim Coupounas, Co-founder and Chief Sustainability Officer, GoLite Kim Coupounas is Co-founder and Chief Sustainability Officer of GoLite, the premier global manufacturer of lightweight, high performance, socially responsible apparel and equipment designed for outdoor athletes. Kim also served as the company's CEO until 2008, and is former Chair of the Outdoor Industry Association (OIA), representing the $646 billion active outdoor recreation industry. Kim also served on OIA's Sustainability Working Group.

Brook Eddy, Founder and CEO, Bhakti Chai With a degree in Social Policy, Brook Eddy traveled to India in 2002, where she discovered masala chai tea. Back in the U.S., she created her own recipe, which was so well received by family and friends that she founded Bhakti Chai in 2006. Today, Bhakti is emerging as a brand leader in the organic, fair trade tea and ready to drink categories. The Bhakti philosophy - devotion through social action - continues to drive the company's business practices.

Seleyn DeYarus, CEO, Best Organics Inc. Seleyn DeYarus is Co-founder of At the Epicenter and CEO of Best Organics Inc., an organic and sustainable brands promotion company and provider of America's Best Organics gift basket collections. Seleyn is a former environmental consultant for international business strategist Booz Allen Hamilton, and she served as an intern in the White House's Speech Writers Research Office, where she was personally selected by President Reagan himself.

Video produced by Howard Zaremba, Boulder Valley Media Alliance, BV Channel 22.