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Shoshana Kressler

Shoshana has devoted her career to aligning her passion for innovative natural products and sustainability, and her belief that the story and people behind a product is as important as the product itself. Shoshana has spent 15 years working with brands and organizations in the food, environmental, healthcare and import textiles sectors, from start-up stage to Fortune 500, helping them craft and share their stories through visual branding, integrated marketing campaigns, and live events. 

Before obtaining a Masters in Food Systems from NYU, where her research focused on market-based solutions to the ever-increasing challenges of today’s food industry and how packaging communicates transparency to its target consumer, Shoshana spent four years as the Director of Sales of a boutique design company specializing in luxury home textiles from India, inspired by a deep connection to all aspects of highly detailed and refined Indian design and culture.

Shoshana excels at creative strategy, managing details, spotting product and design trends, and bringing calm to otherwise stressful situations. As a native of Boulder, Colorado with family roots in the natural foods industry, Shoshana is thrilled to be back in her hometown, working in a field she cares about deeply.