Seleyn DeYarus

as Managing Partner, Seleyn brings 30 years of dedication as an advocate for protecting and educating on the value of healthy lifestyles for us and our planet. She has a breadth of knowledge in integrated communication strategies with a passion for cause marketing and event design and production. 

She is Executive Director of At the Epicenter, a speaker and conference series cultivating values-based business leadership. She is the former Development Director for The Organic Center, now part of the Organic Trade Association. Seleyn wrote, directed and produced six educational videos in national circulation, and appeared on TV as an Organic Expert on the Fine Living Network’s Big Green Lies show. Seleyn served as Producer of the Naturally Boulder Days annual entrepreneurs conferences in 2006 and 2007.

Seleyn is co-founder of the Center for Holistic Inquiry in the Netherlands, and a former environmental consultant for international business strategist Booz Allen Hamilton. Seleyn was elected president of the student body at the University of Tennessee, where she met President Ronald Reagan, and was invited to serve as a speech writers' research intern in the Reagan White House.

Seleyn serves on the Board of Directors of AllergyKids Foundation, a nonprofit organization dedicated to keeping harmful chemicals out of kids’ diets and environment, and the advisory board of the Prairie Dog Coalition of the Humane Society of the United States.