Calling All "Kitchen" Composters

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Calling All "Kitchen" Composters: CompoKeeper, the Odor-Free Composting Bin that Provides a User-Friendly Solution for Home and Office, Launches Kickstarter Campaign

BOULDER, CO - (October 3, 2013) - CompoKeeper, the innovative disposal bin for small-scale indoor compost collection, launched a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign Sept. 24, according to the bin’s inventor, Van Hess of Boulder.

The user-friendly compost bin provides an odor-free way for consumers to dispose of and store food waste, making it easy to move such waste from the kitchen or office to the curb or garden. CompoKeeper presents a design that was shaped by users who share a commitment to composting, sustainability and healthful living.

The goal of the Kickstarter campaign is to raise $100,000 in funds so CompoKeeper can establish manufacturing in the U.S., thereby keeping its footprint small and supporting local jobs. CompoKeeper promotes the ever-increasing practice of composting, making it easier for homes and businesses to participate in community curbside programs.

To visit CompoKeeper's Kickstarter campaign page, click here.

The compact, attractive CompoKeeper bin comes with a carbon filter inside which absorbs the odors normally associated with composting. What’s truly innovative, though, is the use of a patented foot pedal that seals the inner bag, locking odors in. The bag itself is compostable.

Home and office users say they have found CompoKeeper to be just the solution they are looking for, touting its ability to reduce waste output.

“We have a CompoKeeper in our kitchen at Scrib, and our members love it,” said Shaw Lathrop, director at the shared workspace community in downtown Boulder. “We have reduced our office waste by one-third.”

“We love our CompoKeeper!” said Jessica Burtenshaw of The Tea Spot, Boulder. “It gets filled with tons of used tea leaves and fruit peels here in our office kitchen, and I'm shocked that it really has no smell. It's such a great item for offices that want to promote eco habits and make it truly simple."

Composting is becoming increasingly popular throughout the U.S., with more and more cities approving mandatory curbside programs. Seattle and San Francisco already require it, and in June 2013 New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg announced he will pursue a mandate that New Yorkers separate their food scraps from ordinary trash and recyclables.

CompoKeeper is a great solution for helping San Francisco residents and businesses sort their compostables, said Jack Macy of the city’s Department of the Environment.

“We were very pleased with the design as it allows air to flow through, thus removing any odor that accumulates,” Macy said. “Their creative and effective solution to clasp and seal the lined container reduces the occurrence of fruit flies, and the foot pedal assists in CompoKeeper's ease of use."

“I believe the CompoKeeper is a great storage option that could help increase participation in our curbside composting program helping our city move toward its zero waste goals," said Dan Matsch of EcoCycle in Boulder.

For more information, to purchase or carry the product in your retail store, or to schedule a media interview, contact Kristen Hess, CompoKeeper co-founder,, 720.532.3218 or Sami Udell, relations,, 847.917.7264.

About CompoKeeper

Father and daughter team Van and Kristen Hess founded CompoKeeper in 2008 in Boulder, CO. The company developed a community envisioned, odor-free compost bin that makes kitchen composting clean and convenient. The CompoKeeper is manufactured in the US and will produce its first line of products upon reaching its Kickstarter campaign goal. For more information or to contribute to the campaign, please visit