Choices Matter: Announcing National Palm Done Right Month



Sustainable Palm Oil Awareness Campaign, Set for September 2018, Brings Natural Products Industry, Consumers Together to Celebrate the Positive Side of Palm Oil

Boulder, Colo. June 26, 2018 — Mission-based educational platform Palm Done Right™ (PDR) is enlisting industry and public support to help change the conversation about palm oil, and ultimately, how palm oil is produced.

Done right, palm oil can be grown sustainably in a way that positively supports people, communities and the environment. The choices manufacturers and consumers make can help drive more responsible practices in the conventional palm industry and grow the market for sustainably and organically sourced palm oil, helping to support smaller scale producers.


By launching the first annual National Palm Done Right Month in September 2018, the campaign’s organizers seek to build awareness about responsibly sourced palm oil, galvanize the natural products industry and gain retail, manufacturer and consumer support, and celebrate current partners supporting the Palm Done Right initiative. 

Retailer support is a critical aspect of spreading the Palm Done Right message and Palm Done Right Month is a call to action. “Retailers play a key role in the natural products industry as gatekeepers to a pathway for their customers who want to improve their lives through healthy food and lifestyle choices and gain a better understanding of where their food is coming from. Through their support as Palm Done Right partners, we will broaden our message and help highlight the brands that use responsible palm oil in their products,” says Neil Blomquist, organic industry pioneer and spokesperson for Palm Done Right.

During the month of September, participating retailers will feature in-store and online promotion of products that use Palm Done Right sustainable palm oil and will have access to training materials and marketing tools such as informational brochures and shelf-talkers. Retailer partners are encouraged to become active voices in the cause and share stories, photos and information in newsletters and through social media. 

An early supporter of Palm Done Right, industry veteran and owner of California-based Whole Wheatery Cheryl Hughes says, “Being a Palm Done Right retail supporter has made a positive impact on our community. We have earned the trust of our customers who look to us for education and a better understanding of the products they buy and use. The Palm Done Right platform makes learning about the good side of palm oil easy and accessible to consumers. We encourage other natural foods retailers to join the cause.”

Retail Outreach Program Resources and Goals

  • To encourage as many retailers as possible that sell natural and organic products to sign up as PDR partners by visiting
  • Create PDR ambassadors within the retail stores so that responsible palm becomes a part of their conversation and promotional outreach programs to their customers.
  • Retailers begin to develop product standards for their stores that eventually eliminates conflict palm oil from products that they sell.
  • Retailers participate in Palm Done Right Month in September. 
  • To encourage brands that are using conventional palm oil, and brands that have avoided palm oil because they fear a negative consumer reaction, to see palm oil that is produced sustainably as a viable solution for their products.
  • For retailers that have their own private label brands to see the value of using sustainable palm oil as an ingredient in their product line.

Palm Done Right is about how individual choices can make an impact in improving sustainable practices, preventing deforestation and finding solutions to reduce climate change. Natural Habitats, developer of the Palm Done Right platform, is dedicated to improving our food system through responsible ingredient sourcing and organic agriculture practices. PDR believes that organic farming is the solution to preserving and improving ecosystems, soil, and biodiversity and promoting healthy communities. 

To Sign Up and for More Information about Palm Done Right Month
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About Palm Done Right
Natural Habitats Group is leading positive change in the palm oil industry by proving that palm oil can be grown for good. This approach demonstrates that palm oil grown organically, with third-party certifications, can preserve the environment and native species, bring positive economic support to local communities and create sustainable livelihoods for everyone involved. Palm Done Right, a movement, aims to connect the benefits of organic, responsible palm oil, with brands, suppliers, manufacturers, media and consumers, to change the conversation about palm oil and bring positive impact to scale. For more information, visit

About Natural Habitats USA, Inc.
Headquartered in Boulder, Colorado, Natural Habitats USA, Inc. is a group fully committed to the sustainable production of Certified Organic and fairly traded products, including organic palm oil. Natural Habitats products are cultivated using 100% organic practices by family farmers in South America and Africa, and add organic credibility to food, personal care and animal nutrition products. Natural Habitats USA, Inc. supports the communities in which it operates through Fair for Life fair trade partnership, social programs for farmers, workers and communities and funding for services including support to local schools, health care and housing to improve the quality of life for all stakeholders in the supply chain, from Farm to Fork. For more information, visit and

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