Whole Foods Market Recognizes Lotus Foods for Environmental Stewardship through Innovative More Crop Per DropTM  Rice Growing Practices 



Richmond, CA (April 25, 2018) –  Lotus Foods, the leading heirloom rice and ramen company focusing on sustainable rice production, was recognized by Whole Foods Market at their sixth annual Supplier of the Year Awards dinner April 18, with an award for Environmental Stewardship. Each year Whole Foods Market spotlights producers that exemplify the company’s mission and core values through their commitment to quality, environmental stewardship, ethical sourcing, and culinary innovation. The national and local suppliers are selected from thousands of driven, passionate, mission-based brands at Whole Foods Market. This year a total of only 27 perishable and non-perishable suppliers were recognized with just two highlighted for their environmental stewardship.


According to Dan Epley, who leads WFM Global Grocery Team, Lotus Foods was recognized for implementing the ‘More Crop Per Drop™' system, allowing farmers to dramatically increase yields while decreasing water consumption, seed use and methane gas emissions. “Lotus Foods’ B Corp certification is a testament to their commitment to serve as a force for good, specifically through small-scale farmer partnerships and environmental responsibility,” he added.

More Crop Per Drop™ is how Lotus Foods refers to the System of Rice Intensification, an agroecological method that enables lowest-income farmers to produce higher yields of rice with 20-50% less water, 80-90% fewer seeds, no agrochemicals, 40% less methane emissions, and less work and health hazards for women. In a radical departure from conventional rice production, paddies are no longer kept continuously flooded saving enormous amounts of water and reducing methane emissions. Flooded rice paddies are a major source of global warming, producing up to 20% of manmade methane, which is 30X more warming than CO2 over a 100-year period. Paul Hawken’s recent book, Drawdown: The Most Comprehensive Plan Ever to Reverse Global Warming, counts SRI as one of 100 solutions that can reverse global warming if scaled. 


“We couldn’t be more thrilled and pleased,” Lotus Foods Co-Founder/Co-CEO Caryl Levine said in response to the award. “SRI is truly transformative. It’s not just about mitigating global warming but helping farm families adapt right now to increasing uncertainties in weather and diminishing availability of water. Whole Foods has been a very important partner in our journey to create market channels for these pioneering farmers and helping us share our message with US consumers and we are so grateful.”

Since 1995, Lotus Foods has partnered in direct and fair trade with small family farmers around the world who are growing rice more sustainably while preserving rice biodiversity. Lotus Foods’ product line includes pigmented heirloom and organic rice varieties such as Forbidden® Rice, Jade Pearl RiceTM, Red Rice, Madagascar Pink RiceTM & Volcano RiceTMas well as Rice Ramen, Arare Rice Crackers and now Basmati and Jasmine Rice along with Pad Thai Rice Noodles and Rice Delights. Products are available at major retailers throughout the US and Canada including Whole Foods, Costco, Wegmans, Target and Amazon.com. As a B-Corporation, Lotus Foods is committed to Changing How Rice is Grown Around the World by focusing on rice grown through the System of Rice Intensification (SRI), what we call More Crop Per DropTM, that minimizes water usage, empowers women, financially rewards farmers and reduces climate impact. Visit www.lotusfoods.com to learn more.

Liz Kaplan, Lotus Foods, tel 510.725.2913, liz@lotusfoods.com

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