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Grab “Take Out with Ashley and Robyn” the New Podcast Delivering Intimate and Inspiring Conversations with Today’s Food & Health Game Changers

“Take Out with Ashley and Robyn” answers the questions about our health that everyone is asking today – how did we get here, where are we going, and how can we make the necessary changes to ensure better food, better health for all who want it? 

Boulder, CO (March 8, 2016) - Take Out invites you to hear from thought leaders and discover their less well-known stories about how they became personally passionate about creating change in food and health, and what they are doing today. A sampling of guests include actresses Teri Hatcher and KaDee Strickland, retired Bears football player Patrick Mannelly, Olympic skier Steve Nyman, celebrity chef Michel Nischan, ABC 7 Lori Corbin, visionary leaders at Clif Bar, Thrive Market, Manitoba Harvest and more. Take Out also speaks with celebrity makeup artist Christy Coleman, as well as government officials, leading healthcare practitioners, chief marketers, global food company executives, digital health revolutionaries, financial analysts, investors and more.

For over a decade, Ashley Koff RD and Robyn O’Brien’s individual work, focusing on asking the tough questions to generate effective tools for change, has garnered them collective status as industry game changers, media go-to experts, and leading health influencers. No sooner did their paths cross, and the two were regularly in discussions for how to collaborate to increase the impact of their work. They found their sweet spot – a shared vision focusing on not letting perfect be the enemy of good, but rather, on delivering better choices for all. “Take Out with Ashley and Robyn” evolved from conversations they've had personally or together with game changers and a desire to share the power of these stories from which they’ve learned.

Robyn and Ashley believe passionately that everyone can and should have the same resources they have – those that have guided them and continue to guide them in their work and personal lives. The best part about the podcast “We get to keep learning along with our listeners – I learn every time a guest answers or Robyn shares her points of view,” shared Ashley. Robyn echoes with enthusiasm “we have the privilege of bringing the personal stories of how and why game changers today entered this movement, and sharing their advice and love with our listeners.”

Grab “Take Out with Ashley and Robyn” each week for new conversations, stories, laughs, and deep insight on how to be and enable the change we need to see in our food and health. 

About Ashley Koff RD

Ashley Koff RD is an award-winning dietitian, author, and speaker who created the Better Nutrition Simplified program – a virtual tool kit of resources to help everyone get better nutrition for better health. She lives in Washington DC with her dog, Rerun, plays the trumpet, is an obsessed basketball fan and love to fly fish

About Robyn O'Brien

Robyn O’Brien is a financial analyst, bestselling author, strategic advisor and mother of four. Her well-recognized TEDx talk changed the conversation when she asked, “Are we allergic to food or what’s been done to it?” In the first part of her career in the food industry, she was part of an equity team that managed $20 billion in assets, and she covered the food industry. She lives in Boulder, Colorado with her husband and four children and loves to run 

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