World’s First Pressed Organic Juice Directory Launches

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World’s First Pressed Organic Juice Directory Launches

Organic Food Expert Max Goldberg Curates New Directory of Stores Across the Country Selling Pressed Organic Juice; Plus Comprehensive News on the Industry

April 30, 2013 – New York, NY – With the explosion in the popularity of pressed juice, one of the country’s most widely read organic food bloggers and experts, Max Goldberg of Living Maxwell, has debuted the Pressed Organic Juice Directory, the first-of-its-kind directory of locations around the world selling pressed organic juice.

“The Pressed Organic Juice Directory developed out of a need that was not being met in the marketplace,” said Goldberg. “As a huge pressed juice fan and someone who has been eating close to 100 percent organic since 2001, I wanted to know where I could get pressed organic juice whenever I traveled. Yet, after lots of online research, the results were very incomplete. Some locations were fully organic; some places used organic ‘whenever possible’; and some used a centrifugal juicer, while others used a Norwalk or similar type of hydraulic press. What I wanted was a site that would clear through all of the clutter and give me exactly what I was looking for – places that offered pressed organic juice.”

Pressed juice has exploded in popularity for two primary reasons. First, it is a superior extraction method. Independent tests show that a hydraulic press can extract three to five times more minerals and nutrients than a centrifugal juicer. Second, hydraulic press juicers do not oxidize nearly as fast. Centrifugal juicers use a tremendous amount of heat, which causes mineral, enzyme and vitamin degradation. Since the amount of heat used in a hydraulic juice press is very minimal, the oxidation is not nearly as severe.

Goldberg’s Pressed Organic Juice Directory only lists locations that sell pressed organic juice which offer a minimum of a green juice. Additionally, the juice must be either USDA certified organic or comprised of 95 percent organic ingredients, the same standard established by the USDA.

Key Attributes of the Pressed Organic Juice Directory

  • Comprehensive site covering pressed organic juice industry news, new products and store openings, store profiles and interviews with well-known industry figures.
  • Nearly 700 listings from five countries, with new locations added every day.
  • Curated by an expert with domain expertise in the organic field; every single entry is personally vetted by Goldberg.
  • Not just any juice bar is listed – there are clear requirements: organic, pressed, and must have a minimum of a pressed organic green juice.
  • Includes a directory of organic pressed juice companies that will ship juice via overnight delivery to any location in the U.S. Individual store profiles with commentary by Goldberg about the location and their juice, as well as a variety of photos of their juice and the individual store (available currently for select locations, more profiles to be added).
  • iPhone app is in development, and the site currently works on all mobile and tablet devices.

“Consumers continue to drink juice and eat foods that are conventionally-grown and sprayed with toxic pesticides. After extensive personal research and reading reports about the effects of these pesticides, I felt it was of paramount importance to eliminate non-organic foods from my own diet and that is why I chose to focus on organic juice for this directory.”

Goldberg has personally been eating organic for more than 10 years and focused on organic pressed juice because of the toxic pesticides used on non-organic foods. With 41% of Americans expected to get cancer, the President’s Cancer Panel recommends that people consume food grown, to the extent possible, “without the use of pesticides.” Organic regulations strictly prohibit the use of toxic chemicals – synthetic pesticides, insecticides and herbicides, while conventionally-grown food allows them.

“I developed the Pressed Organic Juice Directory because it was something that I wanted to have for myself, and I knew so many others that were looking for this kind of information as well,” continued Goldberg. “My main goal, however, is for the Directory to serve as a vehicle to increase awareness about the importance of organic – the healthiest food that we can be putting into our bodies.”

With the launch of the Pressed Organic Juice Directory, BluePrint has come on board as the site’s initial sponsor.

“Needless to say, I’m thrilled to have BluePrint affiliated with the Pressed Organic Juice Directory,” said Goldberg. “Not only is the company a true pioneer in the pressed organic juice world, but founders Erica Huss and Zoe Sakoutis have a serious commitment to organic, something of utmost importance to me. All of BluePrint’s pressed juices are USDA certified organic, and the company was a major sponsor of our New York City fundraiser last year for Proposition 37, California’s ballot initiative to label GMOs.”

About Max Goldberg

Founder of Living Maxwell ( and described by The New York Times as an "organic sensation", Max Goldberg is one of the most widely read organic food bloggers in the country today.  He has been profiled in The New York TimesThe Huffington Post, CNN, Veria Living, and numerous other media outlets.

An organic food activist, partner of the Just Label It! campaign, and speaker at industry trade shows, Max runs the Organic Food Industry Group on LinkedIn, where his weekly curated email is read by thousands of organic food CEOs, founders and executives from all over the world.